All service users are encouraged to maintain as much independence and individuality as possible in the following ways:

We help with:

  • Providing as tactfully as possible, human or technical assistance when it is needed.

  • Maximising the abilities our individuals retain for self-care, for independent interaction with others, and for carrying out the tasks of daily living unaided.

  • Helping individuals achieve autonomy and independence of personal decision making, including the assumption of reasonable and fully thought out risks.

  • Promoting opportunities for individuals to establish and retain contacts beyond their home.

  • Encouraging individuals to have access to and contribute to the records of their own care. All individuals receive a copy of their care plan.


We aim to help service users, exercise the opportunity to select, drom a range of options in all aspects of their lives, in the following ways:

We help with:

  • By encouraging individuals to exercise choice in their selection of organisations and individuals who support them.

  • To manage our service so far as possible to individuals preferenes as regards to the staff that support them.

  • Avoiding treating individuals as a homogenous group.

care for the elderly at home

Please contact : 

James Suddick 07536 087781 or Jessica Lacey 07969 096829